Red Buck Filtered Cigars

Red Buck Filtered Cigars

Red Buck Filtered Cigars – Revive Your Smoking Experience


Red Buck filtered cigars offer every valid reason to give up cigarettesand enjoy only high quality tobacco that produces uncontaminated aromas.Popular as America’s ‘outdoor cigars’, you can buy them in 11 different flavorsand at low price with us.


Red Buck Mild filtered cigars as well asRegular and Special Blend varieties are all bestsellers. Try refreshing RedBuck Vanilla filtered cigars or other awesome flavors like Strawberry,Menthol, Menthol Light, Sweet, Cherry, Peach and Grape at reasonablecosts.  

Red Buck Filtered Cigars are made in Kentucky by the Tantus Tobacco company. Red Buck is "America's Outdoor Cigar" and is made with high quality tobacco. Here is what one customer said about Red Buck Mild:

"I smoked cigarettes for over 40 years and never wanted to quit. When I could no longer afford them, I tried cigars out of desperation. I wish I had switched years ago. They don't smell like cigars, they don't taste like cigars, they leave no unpleasant aftertaste as cigarettes now do, I've never coughed since I started smoking them, and I inhale. They taste milder, as well as better, than any cigarette I've ever tasted. I don't really believe they're cigars. The only problem I'm having with them is that I smoke more of them. I've told all my smoking friends about them but I don't think they believe me, which is their loss. And, of course, I very much like the price."