Stampede Filtered Cigars

Stampede Filtered Cigars – Engulf Your Senses in Pure Scintillating Smoke

Enjoy strong and bold flavors while smoking Stampede Icy Mint Filtered Cigars. You won’t have to spend anxiously as we bring Stampede Cherry Filtered Cigars and many other outstanding flavors at impressive prices. Claim a fulfilling experience that many other cigar brands fail to offer.

Choose among a variety of Stampede Full Flavor Filtered Cigars available at one place. Grape, strawberry and vanilla are among the bestselling flavors. Bid farewell to cigars that wrap chemicals and relish these clean natural whole leaf tobacco cigars. 

Stampede Filtered Cigars are manufactured by Tantus Tobacco in Kentucky. Tantus is the same company that makes the very popular Richwood Filtered Cigars and Red Buck Filtered Cigars as well as the Bacco Pipe Tobacco brands. Tantus Tobacco continues this great tradition of quality with Stampede Filtered cigars. Order these discount filtered cigars today and save!