Undercrown Cigars by Drew Estate

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A cigar born out of necessity, Drew Estate's popular Liga Privada line was not only popular in stores, but also with the tocedores - or rollers - who hand craft these cigars. Drew Estate  allows their rollers to smoke some of the cigars they roll for free, while on the clock, but with the increased demand of the Liga Privada line the required decision was to remove them from the selection. The rollers decided to roll their own cigars - comprised of tobacco that was purchased for the Liga Privada but that is more readily available. 

Liga Undercrown cigars are a liga privada created by Drew Estate's torcedors for their own personal enjoyment. Their unique Mexican Otapan Negro Ăšltimo Corte wrapper harvest is delayed by over 4 weeks, resulting in a higher natural sugar content and a richer, creamier flavor.