Vega Fina Cigars

Vega Fina Cigars – Premium Cigars Directly from Dominican Republic


Hand-made at Tabacalera de Garcia in Dominican Republic, Vega Fina cigars are synonymous with flavorsome smoke. Everything from Ecuadorian wrappers and Indonesian binders to Honduran, Dominican and Colombian tobaccos work in favor of these fine-tasting cigars.


Looking for a rich smoke boasting of creamy and nutty hints along with natural sweetness at exclusively low prices? We promise the same through discounted deals on Vega Fina Toro Cigars and other ultimate varieties. Order you pack right now and receive it within short duration.  

Vega Fina Churchill Cigars
Price: $112.50
In stock as far as we know
Vega Fina Toro Cigars
Price: $98.10
In stock as far as we know