Westfort Filtered Cigars

Burn Premium Quality Natural Tobaccos with Westfort Cigars

Every pack of Westfort Filtered Cigars tells the tale of USA-crafted flavored cigars that burn evenly to produce intoxicating tastes and aromas. Buy any of the Westfort Full Flavor Filtered Cigars and you won’t regret the decision, especially when we make them more valuable through discounted online deals.

With Westfort Grape Filtered Cigars and many other awesome flavors like cherry, vanilla and menthol available with us, you have the choice to grab your favorite option and enjoy the smooth, woodsy smoke.

Westfort Filtered Cigars are proudly made in the USA and provides smokers with an affordable and quality smoke. Westfort carter to smokers of all kind whether you smoke non-menthol, non-menthol lights, menthol or even falvored tobacco, so give them a try! If you're an experienced filtered cigar smoker or a cigarette smoker branching away from the harsh chemicals; Westfort has a product for you!